Tonight Robert Pattinson re-enters the world via The Daily Show via John Stewart, he who hath the same last name as that backstabbing adulteress, Kristen.

It's a big night for Rob and a big night for all of us at home. How about all those trailers for his new movie Cosmopoilis they showed before The Daily Show? He looked pretty okay in those. But how will Robert Pattinson fair in the interview, where it counts? What if he cries? Or worse, what if the rumors are true and he doesn't say a word about the Kstew?


Gawker's body language analysts (they're not body language analysts) are here to offer their commentary on the interview. Every move, posture adjustment, slight shift in his chair and awkward laugh will be scrutinized for your enjoyment. Tonight's experts include:

Katie Notopoulos: She's an editor at Buzzfeed and is the Internet's favorite Online Curiosity Collector. An expert in "found schadenfreude," she is also a self-proclaimed Kristen Stewart fan.

Jack Dickey: Sometimes Deadspin "editorial fellow", sometimes "sports editor." He has a lot to say about Robert Pattinson.

Leila Brillson: She is the global news editor at, where she lives, breathes, and sometimes cries out for the internet in the dead of night. Her name is also pronounced "Lee-lah", because, for some reason, her parents thought "e" and "i" together like that made a hard "e" sound. In American English, it very often does not.

Dodai Stewart: She's the Deputy Editor at Jezebel. She loathes vampires that sparkle.

Come, and please join us in the live blog Pattinson chit chat below.

Update: The discussion is over, but you can watch the full interview here.
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