This "millennial" generation of youngsters these days—is there any respected institution which they cannot ruin merely by being themselves? It seems not. For thousands of years, Buddhist monks have had a good thing going: they sit. They chant. They chill. And now? "Me-first" teenage monks these days are using the internet to destroy everything, as usual.

The WSJ reports on the latest disturbing and, dare we say, sacrilegious pastime that teens on planet Earth have conceived: desecrating the sanctity of Buddhist temples for a few meager virtual "likes."

Some [teenage boys] find their life's vocation during the few weeks they spend in the monastery, and they become full-time monks.

Others post videos of themselves on YouTube, as they play air guitar to hard-rock tracks like Yngwie Malmsteen's "Iron Clad," or recite religious chants to thumping hip-hop beats.

Hey guys, hey fellas, let me rap with you for a few seconds here: it ain't about that. It's about Buddha. Dig? I'm putting this "on the level" of street slang so you overstand me here. Fellas? Fellas. Let's get it together here, hey? Okay. Let's bring it in now. "Buddha team" on three, fellas.

The article notes that after the grown-up monks finish civilizing teenagers, they plan to urge foreign tourists not to get "inked up with Buddhist tattoos." Good luck!

[WSJ. Photo: AP]