Among the many unfortunately named places in Britain, the village of Shitterton stands alone.

This according to a recent survey of 1,700 people conducted by the genealogy website

Located in the southwest English county of Dorset near the village of Bere Regis east of Dorchester, the hamlet of Shitterton has been around for at least a millennium.

Its name is a literal translation of Scatera, the Norman French moniker given to it in the 11th century which means "a little town that is on the stream of a midden or sewer," according to The Scotsman.

Despite the survey result, Shitterton resident Ian Ventham doesn't think his hamlet has anything to be embarrassed about.

"Shit is shit. Let's not beat around the bush, that is where the name comes from," said Ventham, who also happens to be chairman of the Bere Regis Parish Council. "But it isn't a midden or shitheap now. It is a perfect rural hamlet with thatched cottages and idyllic Dorset countryside. Those of us who live here are not the least bit embarrassed by it."

Runners up for the title include Brokenwind in Aberdeenshire, Crapstone in Devon, and Scratchy Bottom, also in Dorset.

[H/T: MSN Now, photo via Wikipedia]