Six out of twenty-two stores tested by Nottinghamshire's County Council during a recent undercover operation reportedly allowed an underage customer to purchase alcohol with a fake ID.

That wouldn't be so bad, if it weren't for the fact that the ID clearly belonged to one Bobby Hill — a fictitious, animated character from the TV show King of the Hill.

Oh, and also the fact that it listed the holder's age as 17.

In addition to the stores that let the fake ID slide, an additional seven didn't even bother checking the teen's age (which was, in actuality, 18).

"It is disappointing that around a quarter of the shops tested did not properly check the identification that they asked for before accepting it," said community safety committee chairman Mick Murphy. "We are warning shops that we are considering using a child with fake ID following the results of this exercise."

[photo via @breakfastandy]