I know how excited you must have been when you heard Octomom was embarking on a pop music career, but I want you to lower your expectations a bit — her first single is a little less than inspiring.

TMZ has the first clip of "Sexy Party" and it's actually worse than you'd imagine. It's indecipherable and Auto-tuned so heavily that it's truly painful to hear.

This is sub-Paris Hilton. It's sub-Heidi Montag. Contrary to the title, it sounds like maybe the least sexy party you'd ever attend. But Octomom has to make money somehow.

(Other ways Nadya Suleman has tried to make money: stripping, porn, escorting, loan sharking.)

But perhaps a music career is truly the next step for Octomom, whose voice is so distorted here, it doesn't really matter that she's talentless. With 14 kids to support, she can only hope that enough people ironically purchase her upcoming album as a novelty gift.

The idea that someone would buy this music out of genuine interest is more unbelievable than anyone giving her $150,000.

[Image via WENN.com]