A model in Los Angeles used a hidden camera to prove a point we've known all along — straight guys look at women's asses way more often than they should.

Reanin Johannink affixed a camera to her friend's butt so that they could get the ass's perspective on ogling. What they captured were a lot of guys doing double-takes — some even with their girlfriends and wives — to get a second look at "dat ass."

Of course, one could easily argue that the leches in question were really just taking note of the not-so-subtle hidden camera: they weren't scoping out the butt so much as wondering what was attached to it. And that's certainly possible, but I doubt every guy caught staring was really looking at the camera. Unless he smiled and waved.

You can watch the full video on TheChive.com and judge for yourself. Is this a normal curiosity about a strange ass appliance, or are all the guys in the video mentally undressing the woman they're gawking at?

I'll go ahead and guess it's a little of both.

[Image via Shutterstock]