On July 1, Milton Hall was killed in a hail of gunfire when six Saginaw, Michigan, police officers shot him 46 times. Hall had been causing a disturbance in a convenience store and was brandishing a small knife, which is why police were on the scene in the first place. But, as you can see in the video above, it doesn't look like the 49-year-old was much of a threat to anyone at the time of his death Though a truck blocks part of the shooting, you can clearly hear gunfire continuing well past the point when Hall drops to the ground from his injuries.

The Saginaw County prosecutor's office and the Michigan State Police Department are now investigating Hall's death. Hall's mother says he had long suffered with mental illness.

Hall's killing preceded a similar shooting this month in New York City, where Manhattan police chased a knife-wielding man through Times Square before killing him. And prior to that, California police shot 10 times at point-blank range into a man who was armed only with a hammer. Whatever happened to aiming for the legs?