An elderly couple died yesterday while attempting to rescue their dog from a pond in Westfield, Massachusetts.

According to local authorities, 64-year-old Daniel Cyr and 61-year-old Patricia Cyr were crossing the pond in their pontoon when their terrier suddenly jumped in the water.

Mr. Cyr went in after the dog, but became distressed, prompting his wife to enter the water as well. At some point she became distressed as well and began screaming.

Jet ski riders responded along with a passing boater, and helped pull the pair out of the water. Emergency services arrived and transported the couple to nearby hospitals, where they were pronounced dead.

The dog was later found by a State Police detective and handed her over to an animal control officer. She is currently in the care of the municipal animal shelter.

An investigation into the circumstances surrounding the drowning is ongoing.

[screengrab via WWLP]