In response to a recent declaration by hip hop artist Lil Wayne that he doesn't like New York, Malcolm Smith, a Democratic state Senator representing Queens, appeared before reporters in Times Square today to demand an apology.

"[I]f you don't like New York, you don't have to come to New York," Smith, who is considering a mayoral run next year, told members of the press. "You don't have to sell your products here and, perhaps, we won't come to your concerts."

Smith noted that Wayne not only insulted New York's eight million residents and 50 million tourists, but also "the memory of Frank Sinatra and he's also insulted Jay Z."

Happily for Lil Wayne, Smith said New Yorkers are willing to forgive him for his egregious slight, but only if he sincerely apologizes: "Perhaps Nicki Minaj, who makes her money here, who's made a lot of money for Lil' Wayne will whisper in his ear, ‘I think you made a mistake.'"

[video via Politicker]