Who says robbery doesn't strike twice?

A 72-year-old Pennsylvania woman is wondering what the heck after she was robbed twice in one day: Once inside a grocery store, and again on the way to report the first robbery.

"I had my purse right here and then she went in like this and ran out the door," Harriet Sweger of McKees Rocks said about the woman who stole her checkbook.

She was driving to the police station to file a robbery report when she pulled over to ask for directions. That's when a second thief snatched her purse from her car.

Now Sweger is scared to leave her house. "Wouldn't you be?" she asks rhetorically. "I was robbed twice. Is there a tag on me or what?"

Police say they have a warrant out for the arrest of the second suspect, but would not release the person's name.

Sweger has since canceled her bank account and says she currently has no means of paying for things. Which should hopefully cut down on the number of robberies she endures.

[screengrab via WPXI]