Rupert Murdoch knows a thing or two about invading other people's privacy, so maybe we should take his words to heart when he says to give Prince Harry a break.

On the other hand, this is a very "do as I say, not as I do" response to the nude photo scandal — Murdoch's paper The Sun was the first British tabloid to publish the naughty pics.

Here's what Murdoch tweeted—

But doesn't that contradict his decision to publish the photos?

And it was, in fact, Murdoch's call. The Independent reports that Murdoch ordered The Sun to print the pics, apparently as a "fuck you" to Lord Justice Leveson. Provided this is true, Harry's naked photos appearing in the paper have little to do with Harry himself — but what consolation is that to the prince or the royal family?

Perhaps the tweet counts as Murdoch's penance, an apology to Prince Harry for helping publicize his privates in the interest of making a point.

But while Murdoch is asking the public to back off, interest in Harry's naked body has never been higher. In addition to reports that there are more nude photos on the horizon, Harry has been courted by both Playgirl and porn production company Vivid Entertainment.

Vivid offered Prince Harry $10 million to star in an adult film called The Trouble With Harry.

We assure you the sex will be well-scripted, and the crown jewels will not be 'minimized' in any way.

No response yet from Prince Harry, but it's safe to say he doesn't need the money.

At some point, the story will die down — although not any time soon if there really is more photographic evidence of the strip billiards romp. And for the time being, it's hard to take Rupert Murdoch's admonition seriously: why should we give it a rest if he won't?

[Image via AP]