When a South Carolina mom learned that her 13-year-old son had been caught smoking pot with his buddies, she didn't get mad — she got creative.

As punishment, April Mathison of Beaufort made her son Brandon walk along the city's main intersection with a sign saying "smoked pot, got caught! Don't I look cool? not!"

"Time outs and taking things away just doesn't work any more," Mathison told local NBC affiliate WTOC. "Sometimes a little public humility is what they need nowadays to get a point across. If this works for him and maybe saves one or two other students from thinking about picking this stuff up, then I feel like I've done my job as a parent."

As for Brandon, the dirty looks and catcall from passing motorists have convinced him to lay off the kind bud.

"I got to change my life and stop," he told The News.

[H/T: The World's Best Ever, screengrab via WTOC]