Ann Curry may have freaked out the Today show crew by wanting to talk about knives constantly and holding her birthday party in a graveyard and distracting Al Roker from the weather every morning by asking him, stonefaced, "Do you ever wonder what it feels like to die?"—but at least she wasn't a huge giant, stomping all over the place, being big in everyone's way all the time, oh BROTHER.

The New York Post reported Thursday that NBC executives have ordered 5-10 (if she's standing in a hole two feet deep) Savannah Guthrie to "wear lower heels" and "lower her anchor chair" on set, to stop her from towering over her co-host Matt Lauer (not much bigger than an English bulldog of medium build).

"Guthrie's height has become an issue," an anonymous source allegedly said, much in the same way one might say "Lauer's thinning hair has become an issue" or "Curry has issues oh my God she's standing right behind me isn't she?"

Earlier this year, Savannah revealed to that she delivers updates from the news desk barefoot because she was told on one of her first days she was "too tall for the set."

(Click here for a photo of Guthrie walkin' round the Today show without any shoes on, like a pata sucia.)

For her part, brave, giant Savannah denies the report, telling the Post cutely, "Sorry, folks, but that tale is as tall as my heels," and then using a regular hairbrush to brush her teeth because she's just that little bit bigger than everyone else.

A representative for NBC also denied the rumor.

"Savannah, owns heels of all heights and likes to mix up her footwear, and she adjusts her seat as she sees fit."

And if her desire to wear low heels and sometimes, just for a hoot, lower her seat all the way down to the floor and deliver the news sitting on her bottom happen to coincide with Matt Lauer's desire for her to stop being so goddamn big all the time, well, it seems like everyone's happy.

[New York Post // Image via Getty]