The U.S. of A, the greatest country on earth, has legally executed 27 people this year, and more than 1,300 since we resurrected the death penalty back in 1976. Mr. Presidential Candidates, what will YOUR administration do to ensure that the USA is not eclipsed by nations like Iraq and Gambia, who are trying to Even Greater Than Us, in a "killing their own citizens" sense?

China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq were the only nations more legally deadly than America last year. Hmm, what does that group have in common... that's right, they all hate freedom, except America. Now, Carol J. Williams writes in the LA Times, Gambia is making a strong play to join this dynamic leadership group, by executing all 48 death row prisoners in one fell swoop. Hey, that's cheating!

[UN monitor Christof] Heyns' letter demanded that Gambia refrain from any further executions, calling last week's deaths "a major step backwards for the country, and for the protection of the right to life in the world as a whole." The U.N. agency rebuke joined others from Amnesty, Human Rights Watch, European nations and an expression of "great concern" from the United States, which itself ranks high on annual rights agencies' lists of countries with the most executions.

I swear, these off-brand countries, trying to make a quick name for themselves. THIRTY FIVE YEARS, we've been doing this. You're just rookies, Gambia.

[LAT. Photo of our Iraqi competition: AP]