Deputies in Florida's Palm Beach County described David A. Kappheim, who was arrested this week for allegedly threatening to murder his "liberal" girlfriend, as being "obsessed with Fox News and the Republican party."

The 60-year-old Lake Park resident was booked into Palm Beach County Jail this week on charges of domestic battery, aggravated assault and criminal mischief.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Kappheim's live-in girlfriend, 59, claims he tried to strangle her on August 26th, the day after he arrived "stark naked" at her friend's house, uninvited.

She also said he endangered her life by driving "recklessly" while giving her a ride to work on Tuesday, and "laughed out loud" when she asked him not to kill her.

The deputy who arrested Kappheim said the man told him "he was very conservative, and his girlfriend was liberal and he felt he was going to have kill her." Furthermore, he said he already made three attempts on the woman's life.

The same deputy reported that documents found inside the woman's apartment that belonged to Kappheim led him to suspect he was "obsessed" with Fox News and the GOP, and posed a threat to others.

He remains in jail having been denied bond.

[H/T: Mediaite, photo via PBSO via Palm Beach Post]