A New Hampshire woman was arrested four times in twenty-six hours, an impressive accomplishment no one really wants to brag about.

Let's take a look at Joyce Coffey, rebel without a cause.

Arrest #1: Tuesday afternoon. Blasting the AC/DC song "Highway to Hell," even after a warning from police.

Arrest #2: Tuesday night. More loud music. Possibly even the same AC/DC song, although the article doesn't specify. It's an earworm, that one.

Arrest #3: Just before dawn Wednesday. Yep, loud music. And at this point, people are trying to sleep, making the third infraction extra heinous. Also, isn't there some sort of three strikes law in place? Lock this woman up forever where she can listen to "Highway to Hell" in peace.

Arrest #4: Wednesday. Pumped up from all the AC/DC, Joyce decided to throw a frying pan at her nephew when he tried to clear some of his stuff out of her house. Is this AC/DC enthusiast also a hoarder?

Coffey was jailed Friday. Now safely behind bars, she can't inflict her music choices or kitchen tools on those around her.

[Image via Shutterstock]