A photographer who just happened to be hanging out by the Manhattan Criminal Court last month managed to snap a potentially award-winning pic of two young lovers engaged in a tender exchange while being brought to the courthouse in handcuffs.

Unfortunately for Mo Gelber, Project Imaginat10n — the photo contest organized by Ron Howard and Canon — threatened to reject his entry, "Last Kiss," despite the positive response it garnered unless he could identify the affectionate outlaws.

So he did what anyone in a similar bind would do: He turned to the Internet. It wasn't long after Gelber posted the photo on Facebook that, with a little help from Humans of New York, he was able to get in touch with 28-year-old Alexis Creque, the female half of the couple in question.

Creque revealed that the two were caught in midst of a "nighttime graffiti spree," and her 26-year-old boyfriend was subsequently locked up. She told Gelber he can use her likeness only after her partner is released from jail.

With Saturday's deadline looming large, Gelber hopes someone will spring the street artist in time.

[photo via Mo Gelber]