Guys, the '90s are back. First Joey Buttafuoco decides to write a tell-all two decades after the fact. And now, 17 years since the O.J. Simpson trial, former prosecutor Christopher Darden is ready to blow the lid off this whole thing.

Better late than never, right?

Darden is now alleging that Simpson's defense attorney Johnnie Cochran tampered with the glove he later made his client try on. The glove Simpson was accused of wearing when he murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman didn't fit because Cochran made sure it didn't.

I think Johnnie tore the lining. There were some additional tears in the lining so that O.J.'s fingers couldn't go all the way up into the glove.

Johnnie Cochran, who is dead, had no comment.

Darden says he was told by a bailiff that the defense team had the glove during the lunch hour. If true, that's a pretty serious oversight.

Which is why it's probably a lie, according to member of the defense team Alan Dershowitz. He called it a "total fabrication," saying the defense never has private access to evidence.

Having made the greatest legal blunder of the 20th Century, [Darden is] trying to blame it on the dead man.

At least Darden pointed the finger at Cochran and not at equally deceased defense attorney Robert Kardashian, who already gets enough blame for inadvertently inflicting his family on us.

Either way, these shocking new allegations will certainly change minds about O.J. Simpson's guilt. Or they might if he hadn't already basically confessed to the murders.

[Image via AP]