They came like a hallucination: two sock puppets babbling about pop and consumer cultures, sometimes ranting, other times singing songs of crafted nonsense like "Crescent Fresh," "Fake Blood" and "Rock and Roll Friends."

The Sifl and Olly Show ran for two seasons on MTV between 1997 and 1999 (a third was filmed, never aired and eventually released on DVD). Like many cult phenomena, these perfectly absurd puppets seemed to own just a fleeting moment in entertainment history, but now they are back to make us feel like stoned college kids all over again. Machinima has signed the duo for a new series, Sifl and Olly: Video Game Reviews, which is being sold as: "Real reviews for fake games." (The press release further clarifies: "All game footage, screen grabs, demos, soundtracks and cover art are completely fake.")

Liam Lynch, the series' co-creator is here with us to talk sock in the discussion below. Very cres of him.