It's fascinating to think of what might have been if fate had taken a different course — if the RMS Titanic had embarked with sufficient lifeboats, if Captain E.J. Smith had heeded the warnings of icebergs, if Jeremy Sisto had been cast in the movie instead of Leonardo DiCaprio.

On the brand new Blu-ray release of Titanic — seriously, though, hasn't this been released on Blu-ray six times already? — there's new footage of Kate Winslet's first screen test. (About 30 seconds into that clip.) While it's interesting to see how she got the part, I found myself way more fixated on Jeremy Sisto as Jack.

At the time, Sisto was best known as Elton in Clueless. Some might argue he's still best known as Elton in Clueless, but surely his career would have taken a different course if he'd snagged that part over DiCaprio.

Imagine, if you will, a world in which "I'm the king of the world!" was a Jeremy Sisto signature. Imagine a Law & Order starring former Growing Pains actor Leonardo DiCaprio as the latest in a string of forgettable detectives.

Finally, imagine a blonde Rose DeWitt Bukater, and decide if her darker hair color contributed to your ultimate sympathy for the character. Come on now — own your bias.

[Image via AP/Paramount Pictures]