It doesn't seem as though Lindsay Lohan would be very picky about film roles these days, given her rapid descent down the alphabet of Hollywood's caste system, but apparently you can take the girl off the A-list with less effort than it takes to do the opposite.

Hollywood sources who spoke with Page Six say Lohan has been giving the crew of Scary Movie 5 her special brand of Hell, skipping rehearsals, missing script reads and wardrobe meetings, and even faking an illness to get out of coming to the set.

Despite the fact that her scene is only a few minutes long, Lohan has reportedly been hijacking the production timetable, forcing crew members to work to her schedule.

According to the gossip column's insiders, Lohan has been making life difficult for the producers because she is unhappy with her scene, which reportedly pokes fun as her recent misadventures. "She'd been freaking out about it for weeks," said the source, noting that script calls for Lohan to kiss similarly troubled actor Charlie Sheen.

Things came to a head over the weekend after Lohan told the producers she's come down with "walking pneumonia." It wasn't until LiLo was threatened with a lawsuit and provided with a private jet to escort her to the set that she finally relented.

Apparently, things are so bad that even even Charlie Sheen is "worried she might not be able to do the scene."

For her part, Lohan denied the claims through a rep, saying the stories were "untrue" and all obligations were fulfilled "willingly."

[H/T: The Blemish, photo via @lindsaylohan]