We've had our share of amusement over the last few months making fun of former child star Amanda Bynes' predilection for endangering the lives of her fellow drivers, but it seems she's now crossed a threshold.

Paparazzi who followed Bynes all day yesterday report to TMZ that troubled actress was driving around "aimlessly for hours," which wouldn't be such a big deal, if she hadn't just had her license suspended.

Making matters much, much worse, Bynes was snapped smoking something from what TMZ calls a "drug pipe."

Remnants of marijuana were apparently visible in her cup holder.

Here's how TMZ described Bynes' hotbox joyride around LA:

Amanda started her journey at Baja Fresh in the San Fernando Valley, where she smoked from the pipe in the restaurant parking lot and ate tacos. She then went to a spa, where she spent 3 hours. We're told Amanda then drove without purpose for several hours, sometimes cutting off other drivers and violating various traffic laws. Amanda ended up at Home Depot, where she again took a hit from the pipe in the parking lot.

Bynes, who had her license taken away by the DMV, allegedly for refusing a sobriety test before her DUI collar back in April, is still on the hook for that charge, as well as at least two hit-and-runs she was involved in since.

[photo via Getty]