From the true patriots who brought you 2016: Obama's America comes a piece of propaganda even more out of touch with reality.

Here's Indiewire's description of Last Ounce of Courage:

In this film, which was not screened for most critics because critics are liberal scum, a white man tries to uphold his religious freedom against the nefarious liberal elite in their quest to muffle all Christians from expressing their love of being the tip-top bestest religion in the world. You can see how this would strike a chord with sane people.

The "nefarious liberal elite" is, of course, represented by a black man nicknamed "The Hammer."

Last Ounce of Courage debuted at 15th, which is actually lower than 2016, still on the charts after 10 weeks in theaters. Nevertheless, it's a stunning call to arms for people who want the freedom to blatantly ignore the separation of church and state.