At least that's what it was.

The post, which has managed to rack up nearly 8 million reblogs over the course of countless iterations, has been retitled multiple times since inception way back when.

Forbes contributor Jason Oberholtzer dug deep into the bowels of the behemoth Tumble and discovered it once encouraged users to "reblog if you are a wizard or a witch."

Before then it asked for a reblog "if you love Tumblr." At one point it even wanted the social network's netizens to pass it on if they though Barack Obama sucked.

While there are no hard statistics on its movement, chances are that cycle could very well have stopped this sharing experiment dead in its digital tracks.

And so the post Tumbles on. At the time of writing it's been re-edited again to read, simply, "This is the most popular Tumblr post of all time."

[screengrab via Tumblr]