A Washington man suspected of stealing a woman's collection of rare coins worth some $100,000 is accused of spending those coins on pizza and movie tickets for himself and his girlfriend.

Police say 19-year-old Dakoda Garren lifted a box of Liberty Head quarters, Morgan dollars, and other valuable coins from a home in Woodland where he and his live-in girlfriend, Elizabeth Massman, were doing odd jobs.

The victim told authorities Garren and Massman were the only ones outside family members with access to the collection, but Garren denied committing the crime.

The Daily News reports that Garren may have gotten away with it, if he hadn't started spending the coins at face value at various local establishments.

Thanks to a tipster responding to a reward being offered for the coins' recovery, police were able to trace some of the quarters to a Battle Ground movie theater. Even more valuable coins — at least one of which is worth around $18,500 — were found at a nearby pizza joint.

Garren was subsequently arrested and charged with first-degree theft. He ultimately confessed to the heist, according to investigators.

Massman, who is pregnant, will also be charged with theft, but police are holding off on booking her because she is close to giving birth.

[photo via AP]