In what is likely a little more than a calculated maneuver to reclaim the clothes of his that Kristen Stewart has been wearing, public cuckold and fake vampire for money Robert Pattinson has deigned to live once again with the woman who stole his heart and t-shirt and hat.

When asked recently whether the couple was going to be fine and also how fine, on a scale of "not at all" to "totally," Stewart was blithely optimistic in the manner of someone who would like very much for a conversation to end now:

"We're going to be fine," Stewart said. "We're totally fine."

Last week it was confirmed that the two had reconciled.

Where they are living at the moment is less certain.

We know they're not at Robert's swinging cool guy bachelor pad, sponsored by Reese Witherspoon and Country Living, because Reese Witherspoon recently put that home back on the market. (Hostess tip: If a guest begins to overstay his or her welcome, simply sell your home to force them out.)

We also know they're (maybe) not staying in the house they used to share. Robert reportedly put that up for sale, as it was suffering from a nasty infestation of "memories."

They might be living in a "compound" in Los Angeles where Brad Pitt and Angelina have a home. Us Weekly, which confirmed the re-opening of the Stewart-Pattinson loveshack, was vague on details.

Oh, and there's a rumor Rob only consented to live with Kristen because she promised to marry him. Because he's pregnant with her baby.

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