The Adam Sandler-voiced Hotel Transylvania was a big hit, setting a September box office record with a $43 million take over the weekend. It also sort of reestablishes Sandler as a reliable box office draw after his last two films, That's My Boy and Jack and Jill, bombed.

In better news, Joseph Gordon-Levitt's time travelling assassin flick Looper took in $21.7 million, which is not bad at all considering its relatively confusing premise.

The three films that pretty much tied last week - End of Watch, Trouble With the Curve, and House at the End of the Street - all held up okay, with takes of $8 million, $7.5 million and $7.2 million.

All the way down in 10th place was Won't Back Down, a teaching drama/inept anti-union propaganda commercial starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and Viola Davis. It only made $2.7 million, proving once and for all that mainstream America is definitely still mad about those greedy, kid-hating teachers in Chicago.

[Image via AP]