A massive brawl broke out between two separate wedding parties in a Philadelphia hotel last night. One wedding guest, the uncle of a bride, died afterwards of a heart attack, and three other guests were arrested. As you can tell from the video above, it was quite the drunken shit show.

"There was an issue with a lot of alcohol fueling the fight," said police spokesman Lt. Ray Evers.

The fight started in the bar at the appropriately named Sheraton Society Hill Hotel and soon spread to the lobby. According to always reliable YouTube commenters, the altercation was triggered when one wedding party, which had a pay bar, attempted to crash the open bar of the other party, which, if true, is as good a reason as any to fight.

Seven police officers can been seen in the video, including one who beats the hell out of an unruly guest with his baton. Police were so overwhelmed that, according their report, they had to call for backup twice. About halfway into the clip, one of the brides enters the fray and appears to go down, perhaps from contact from police. Eventually, she's escorted out.

The video was caught on camera by Matt Schultz, who was celebrating his 15th birthday at the hotel.

"I was up on the second floor watching. It was bedlam, out of hand." Schultz said.

Two guests were cited with counts of disorderly contact and a third, apparently the one getting beat with a baton, was charged with assaulting a police officer. The man who died was also celebrating his 57th birthday and was reportedly not directly involved in the fight.