1. These are the WNBC newscasters ranked in order from Best to Worst:

#1 Pat Battle
#2 Brian Thompson
#3 Everyone else
#4 Janice Huff

Here are a few of the things I saw Pat Battle do while covering Hurricane Sandy on-the-scene in New Jersey.

1. Load an elderly man's suitcase onto a truck.
2. Offer an arm to people climbing into a truck.
3. Speak Spanish.
4. Schlep her cameraman's equipment down the street, while on camera, so that they could get a better shot.
5. Successfully comfort a family as their house literally burned down before their eyes.

In 1988 (before covering Hurricane Sandy from New Jersey) Pat Battle wrote a murder mystery screenplay. I bet it was gripping, well-researched, and had a lot of heart.

On the opposite end of the specturm, while Janice Huff looked dynamite in the NUE by Shani ensemble she rocked on the night Hurricane Sandy touched down (dig the dramatic winged eyeliner-I can't hate), her analysis of the constantly replaying image on the Doppler map left much to be desired. My boyfriend described it as "like someone narrating a video they had never seen before."

Then there was this:

2. When you're working with the TV on, the line between "working" and "I love TV " becomes muddied indeed.

Am I watching the news because I might report on it or because I'm interested in the news? Am I watching the History Channel special ANGELS: Good or Evil? because I might report on it or because I want to know if ANGELS are good or evil? (THEY CAN BE BOTH. I guess I was watching it because I might report on it.)

3. The Catch-22 of All Day Pajamas

Wearing pajamas all day makes you feel dirty, lazy, and unmotivated. But it is impossible to motivate yourself to change out of pajamas once you're already wearing them. For the first four days we were home, I got dressed (including a bra and eyeliner) everyday. Since then: Pajama City.

4. The dog's little face smells like corn chips.

I knew his paws smelled like corn chips, but his little face?

5. I feel like I deserve special treats for staying inside all day, even though I love staying inside all day

Despite the fact I've been gnawing my way through countless bags of fancy cookies (and, when they ran out: the common Oreo) since Saturday, at the end of every day, I feel like I deserve a special treat for having been cooped up. The thing is, I don't even particularly care for anything that ever occurs out of doors. Being on the couch with a blanket is my favorite thing. I want to be rewarded for having engaged in my favorite activity all day. On a related note:

6. Seasons 4 and 5 of Toddlers & Tiaras are not on Netflix.

INCLUDING MANY OF THE BEST EPISODES. "That was your beauty, Carly!" "It's Dar, alright." "I'm sick, I need medicine." You know who said these things? ME, OUTLOUD, TO MYSELF because footage of the toddlers who originally said them has been scrubbed from Netflix.

7. No one knows how to embed tweets in tumblr.

I asked Max Read the first day. Two people asked me today. I had to intervene in an emergency failed tweet-embed attempt while writing this blog post. It's like teaching a dog to wear shoes. (Arduous, but ultimately rewarding.)

- Caity