TMZ is reporting that one of the teenage stars of Modern Family, Ariel Winter, was removed from her home by court order last month, amid allegations of parental abuse by her mother.

Winter plays the Dunphy family's middle child (and sole rational adult) Alex on the insanely popular ABC sitcom. She's also the voice of Disney's new yes-Latina no-Latina princess, Sofia.

TMZ reports that Winter has been living with her older sister Shannelle Workman under a temporary guardianship arrangement since October 3.

Here's a tweet Ariel sent October 3 before heading to the set of Modern Family:

TMZ claims that Winter's mother, Crystal Workman, was accused of both physically and emotionally abusing her daughter. She's due back in court for another hearing on November 20th.

Shannelle, the sister with whom Ariel is currently living, was also taken from Crystal's home as a child by the Department of Children and Family Services—the result of what TMZ describes as "similar abuse allegations." Shanelle reportedly lived in foster care for a time, and never returned home.

Recently, a story has begun circulating that Winter was seeking emancipation from her parents so that she could live with her 18-year-old boyfriend, however TMZ says this story is false.

[TMZ // Image via Getty]