The music of Norway's disco-and-then-some producer Hans-Peter Lindstrøm is often designed to make people move, which falls in line with his own refusal to stay in one place for too long. In addition to sleek, spacey disco, he's dabbled in folky territory, he's done Kraut-y stuff and earlier this year he released an insane album, Six Cups of Rebel, that had the freaked-out maximalism of Parliament Funkadelic and/or a carnival.

His second album this year and fourth album overall, Smalhans, finds him returning to floor-focused, streamlined, rubbery disco. Produced by fellow Norweigan contemporary disco god Tood Terje, Smalhans is far more soothing then Rebel, but also more propulsive — you can get your head around most of its tracks immediately, which makes dancing that much easier. This edit of the poppy highlight "Vōs-Sākō-Rv" that we're premiering works some vocals to make it even breezier. It's maybe the goofiest thing Lindstrøm has done, and tons of fun.