We have now reached the stage in the Ariel Winter Emancipation Saga when squabbling begins about what exactly Winter's Modern Family coworkers knew of her allegedly abusive relationship with her mother.

Earlier this week, Winter's TV mom, actress Julie Bowen, told In Touch she was surprised to learn of Ariel's allegations against Chrystal Workman, because, "That was never my experience [with Ariel and her mom.]"

"Never have I seen [what's being reported]."

However, Bowen also admitted that just because she pretends to be Winter's mother on television for money, this does not mean that she raised or lived with the 14-year-old, so she might not know exactly what her life is like off-set. (All of which renders it less clear why she jumped into the fracas in the first place.)

"I mean, I don't know. That's not what we experienced on set. We are so closed off."

Court transcripts, however, indicate that at least some on the Modern Family set were aware of Winter and Chrystal's complicated relationship.

Via TMZ, here are some of the statements made before a judge by a lawyer for Ariel's older sister and temporary guardian Shanelle Workman:

  • "[Chrystal was] a terror on the set of 'Modern Family'...the producer and others there have expressed grave concern..."
  • "The child is, apparently, struck repeatedly, slapped, hit, pushed, not so as to leave marks. Mother is smart enough not to do that." (Recall that Chrystal has offered "stylists' letters" as proof Ariel was not abused.)
  • "[Chrystal] sexualizes the child [by having her dress] to show off her breasts and otherwise."
  • "[Workers on the 'Modern Family' set conspired] to sneak this child food because the mother deprives the child of food."

In response to the charges against her, which she had repeatedly denied, Chrystal used "actress" as a euphemism for "liar":

"She is an actress so I'm sure she can cry at the drop of a hat."

Chrystal has been banned from having contact with her daughter until a court hearing next Tuesday.

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