God bless The Seattle Times for performing some real journalism in the not-ultimately-all-that-sordid Petraeus Affair and coming up with the much-discussed "shirtless photo" sent by FBI Agent Fred Humphries to fellow Love Pentagon member military social liaison Jill Kelley.

First, take a second to remind yourself of all the contours of the scandal with our handy flow chart. Then, read The New York Times' piece identifying Humphires as the formerly-anonymous agent. And now, gaze upon the photo: the Lost Ark of the Petraeus Affair!

Kind of disappointing, huh? Humphries claimed the photograph was sent as a joke, not as a Sex Thing, and... it looks like he's right. In fact, he apparently sent it to a bunch of people, including a Seattle Times reporter (the Times did a long story featuring Humphries and his counterterrorism work in 2002):

Humphries, 47, confirmed the photograph exists and was sent to Kelley and dozens of other friends and acquaintances in the fall of 2010, shortly after Humphries had transferred to the Tampa office from Guantánamo Bay, where he had been an FBI liaison to the CIA at the detention facility there.

Indeed, among his friends and associates, Humphries was known to send dumb-joke emails in which the punch line was provided by opening an attached photo.

A Seattle Times reporter was among those who received an email containing an attachment of the shirtless photo. The subject line read: "Which one is Fred?"

Ha, ha. Which one is Fred? Hint: the one in the center, with legs and a sort of Zeljko Ivanek-plus-Rick Scott vibe.

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