In the same way that New Yorkers love eating bagels on a brisk Sunday morning, San Franciscans love reading the morning paper on a park bench with their balls out for all to see. Nudity is just what happens there. It's natural. The Olsen Twins grew up there.

Well not anymore, Mr. and Mrs. Nakey-Pants. The New York Times, the paper of non-naked record, reports:

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted 6 to 5 on Tuesday to approve a ban on public nudity. The vote means that there will be no more lounging nude in the city's plazas, parading up and down city streets sans pants or riding subways and buses bare-bottomed.

Scott Wiener, not kidding, a city supervisor from the famed Castro district, was the puritan that put up the ban in the first place. After the vote was passed, pissed off San Francisco residents who like to air out their fannies disrobed in the middle of City Hall, naturally.

Isn't this supposed to be Obama's second term? Aren't we're supposed to be roaming the streets naked and smoking pot by now. We're going backwards here people.

But have no fear leather daddies and gimps! San Fran's famous leather convention and parade, the Folsom Street Fair, will still allow patrons to walk through the hilly streets in the buff. Phew. Good boy.

NYT: "San Francisco Officials Approve a Ban on Public Nudity"
[Images via AP]