The Internet has had to endure its fair share of stupid fads, but a new one emerging in the UK may have permanently raised the inanity bar for gerundial "crazes" everywhere.

Joining the ranks of long-expired Internet trends such as planking and owling is "milking" — a dairy-themed gag that involves spilling the entire contents of a milk jug over one's head in a public place.

The milking mania's origins were revealed in the latest issue of Cosmopolitan, where founding "milkman" Tom Morris, 22, of Jesmond, Newcastle, recalled standing around the kitchen with his mates thinking "it would be really funny."

What was born of sheer boredom in Newcastle has quickly spread to Oxford, Edinburgh, and Nottingham. It's only a matter of time before it leaps across the pond, and, once it does, no amount of crying will put this pointless wastefulness back in the bottle.

[video via MSN Now]