It's just about time for Hannukkah and anti-semites all over Boston are spreading pretty hateful stuff around.

At Northeastern University, two students were caught vandalizing a public menorah. Concerned Jewish grandparents surely asked their children "what the hell they were doing" by sending their little ones to such a "dangerous place."

"I want to remind all students that intolerance based on religion, race, gender, ethnicity and related characteristics is clearly prohibited in the Student Code of Conduct," wrote Dr. Laura Wankel, the Vice President of Student Affairs at Northeastern, in an email sent out to the entire University. "Moreover, this kind of behavior is antithetical to what Northeastern stands for as a global, academic community."

Over at Harvard, many students received fake invitations to join a new final club, Harvard's mashup of fraternities and secret societies.

The Harvard Crimson reports:

The invitation listed three virtues, each with asterisked notes. The first principle, "Inclusion," came with the footnote, "Jews need not apply." The second, "Diversity," was followed by the words, "Seriously, no fucking Jews. Coloreds OK." And the third, "Love," directed readers to the term "Rophynol"-a misspelled rendering of rohypnol, the date rape drug better known as roofies.

The invitations are an act of parody, but the language is pretty insensitive, considering that the selective final clubs often are packed with Harvard's wealthy Protestant crowd.

There have been no incidents at Brandeis University where 55.2% of the student population is Jewish. Phew.

[Image Via AP]