The US Census Bureau, a government department whose primary function now is to scare elderly white people, has taken a look into the future, decades hence, and determined—using the science of mathematical projection—exactly when white folks will lose America.

It'll be in 2043. That's when the Census Bureau says that the USA will become "a majority-minority nation." Whites will still be the biggest single group, but no longer a majority. Mount Rushmore will be blown up; the Statue of Liberty will be melted down. The good days will be gone.

By 2060, America will be one third Latino, and the percentage of black and Asian people will rise also. Whites, on the other hand... well. It's not good.

The non-Hispanic white population is projected to peak in 2024, at 199.6 million, up from 197.8 million in 2012. Unlike other race or ethnic groups, however, its population is projected to slowly decrease, falling by nearly 20.6 million from 2024 to 2060.

It is time for white people to conquer the final frontier... Europe.

[ Photo: AP]