The Philadelphia 76ers are a mediocre NBA team, but don't mention that to anyone on the El there because there's a chance you may get shot. After last night's game between the Chicago Bulls and the Sixers — which was won by Chicago — fans of the teams got into an argument on the El, presumably over which team is slightly better and thus will lose to the Miami Heat in the playoffs this year.

The Bulls fan must have revealed the hard truth (that the Sixers kinda suck) to some Sixers fans, because when the train stopped at the 4600 Market St. stop, one Philly fan turned around as he was exiting and shot the Bulls fan in the stomach. The video above shows the entire shooting, in case you were wondering what it would be like to be shot at on a train. The bullet passed through his body and struck a second victim in the leg, though both are expected to be okay.

So, remember: Don't argue about sports with anyone you don't know, especially in Philadelphia, because people who care about sports are often insane. Also, the conservative right would like to remind you that this absurd act of violence would've been prevented had every single other person on the train been carrying a gun.