What a fun, sexy time to be a baby.

Earlier this month, Buckingham Palace confirmed that the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting something—man or beast—to emerge from her womb approximately eight months from now. Then Jenna Bush announced that, even though it's less exciting, she is pregnant too.

Now new photos out of North Korea appear to confirm months of speculation that Ri Sol-ju, Kim Jung-un's wife, is pregnant as well. Super pregnant, in fact. More pregnant than anyone has been in recent memory.

The images in question were taken at a memorial service for Kim Jung-un's father, Kim Jong-il. Pictures aired on North Korea's state media showed Ri dressed in traditional morning clothing, apparently heavily pregnant.

Prior to the photos, Ri hadn't appeared in public for 50 days, leading news outlets to speculate that she was either pregnant or that everyone hated her now. (A popular theory held that she had fallen out of favor with government leaders for dressing too fashionably.)

The Telegraph reports that, in October, a South Korean government source negged Ri's pregnancy in the newspaper, saying she had a serious case of Cookie Monster fat face and that her stomach was "visibly bulging."

An official statement on Ri's visibly bulging stomach has not been made. (We also don't if she already has a child, or exactly how old she is, or if Ri Sol-ju is her real name, or where she's registered, so just assume Target.)

[Telegraph // Image via Reuters]