Viewers of The Learning Channel who were looking forward to watching staff members at John Beckwith's Golden Gate Funeral Home put together wacky themed funerals for their dearly departed patrons will have to wait a while longer.

The network announced today it was pushing the premiere of Best Funeral Ever to January 6th in light of Friday's mass murder at Sandy Hook Elementary.

The one-hour special, which will now air at 9 PM after the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Halloween special, will double as a back-door pilot for a possible multi-episode series depending on the show's success.

Best Funeral Ever is not the only show to be shuffled around in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shooting.

New episodes of Family Guy and American Dad were replaced with repeats due to "sensitive content," and Syfy indefinitely delayed the airing of an episode of Haven "that features scenes of fictitious violence in a high school."

Showtime went ahead with the season finales of both Dexter and Homeland as scheduled, but placed a disclaimer up front warning viewers that certain images may be disturbing "in light of the tragedy."

[screengrab via The Awl]