It looks like an Austin restaurant, recently under fire after its owner made controversial comments about the Sandy Hook shooting, has closed, according to KEYE-TV.

After claiming to not "give a damn" about the 20 children that died Friday, shockingly, Thai Noodle House owner Eddie Nimibutr received death threats. He spoke with Austin's CBS-affiliate:

"I'm a little bit shocked by it and I'm a little bit scared too," said Nimibutr.

Soon after Nimibutr's comments went viral, a Facebook page calling for a boycott of his restaurant turned up. The restaurant is now closed, though it remains unclear if this is a permanent move.

Nimibutr also offered an incredibly half-assed apology:

"[I]t was a bad response, I shouldn't have said it in those words," said Nimibutr. "Looking back at it, it was better to say something than to be silent."

"I do apologize, because maybe it was a little insensitive to write something like that, right that day the day of the shooting."

We'll see if "sorry I'm not sorry" is good enough to keep Nimibutr's business afloat.

[Via KEYE-TV // Image via Digital Texan]