A woman in Argentina is being called "psychologically ill" by her mother for announcing her intention to marry the man convicted of murdering her twin sister.

The sordid tale worthy of a telenovela started three years ago, when Johana Casas was killed just days before she was due to turn twenty.

The man convicted of the crime, her ex-boyfriend Victor Cingolani, had been dating her sister Edith at the time.

Despite being sentenced to serve 13 years in prison, Cingolani maintains his innocence, claiming Marcos Diaz — who was Johana's boyfriend when she died — is the real killer.

Edith has stood by Cingolani, much to the heartache of her family, who called her decision to marry the man a "terrible betrayal." The 22-year-old insists that she is in love and that her fiance "is not a violent person" and "would not hurt a fly."

A local judge, however, has sided with Edith's family, and blocked her marriage to Cingolani citing mental health concerns. Edith was ordered to undergo psychological evaluation before being allowed to bring her case before a civil court.

Diaz, meanwhile, is set to go on trial next year for his alleged involvement in Johana's death.

[screengrab via TVPublicaArgentina]