There comes a time in every parent's life when he must thrust his child from the comforts of home into the cruel real world. For some people that means requiring your teenager to get a job for pocket money; for others, like the man in this video, that means hurling your youngster at full speed down a snowy hill with only shouts of "PIZZA, BRO! DO THE PIZZA!" to guide them.

I wouldn't do this with my child—were I ever to be cursed with one—but Gawker Managing Editor Emma Carmichael says that this clip closely resembles how she was taught to ski. Hmmm!

So, what say you? Is this responsible, extreme-sport parenting, or should this guy consider taking it down a notch and heading to the bunny slopes for a bit? Either way, we, like the ski bro, are glad the little guy survived, dude.

[via Hypervocal]