From hipster racism to Honey Boo Boo, and Sarah Phillips to John McAfee, it's been quite a year. For your viewing pleasure, here is a look back at a year in Gawker Media longreads.

The Year In Kotaku

When you look back on all that's happened in the gaming world-games released, scandals unveiled and surprises unleashed-it's been a long, long year. More »

The Year We Found Goatse and Visited the KKK: The Best of Gawker's 2012 Longreads

Sometimes, instead of writing 40 words to go along with a viral Internet video, we write many words. Thousands of words, even. Since we do this somewhat frequently, those pieces can be easy to miss. More »

Gizmodo's Best Posts of 2012

Our best stories from 2012 aren't necessarily tied to the biggest news events or the flashiest gear. You won't find the election or the Olympics or any tablets on this list. More »

Deadspin's 2012 Long Reads: Everything We Wrote That You Didn't Have Time To Read

We aren't just dick jokes and cock shots. We do our best to publish as much quality longform journalism as we can. Here are the best longish stories we published this year, many of which you probably didn't have time to read the first time around. More »

Stolen Ferraris, Lambo Owners, And A Plan To Steal The Shuttle: Jalopnik's Best Features Of 2012

People are more interesting than cars. It's a basic premise that guides a lot of our coverage and differentiates us from other publications. More »

Adventures in the Forbidden Zone: The Best of io9's 2012 Longreads!

This past year, we went on some amazingly strange journeys and made some bizarre discoveries. We ventured into realms of weird science, and delved into the meaning of pop culture. More »

Defining Hipster Racism and a Journey to America's Rape Capital: All the Best of Jezebel This Year

Since it's December 31st, here are some of our favorite (and most controversial/ hilarious/investigative/poignant) Jezebel stories from the past 12 months. More »

Most Popular Long Form Features of 2012

We thrive on bringing you small tips, tricks, and downloads to enhance your daily life, but sometimes we like to dig our heels into a project and go a little deeper, too. More »