In case you thought this year was going to be any more normal than the last, San Jose Police had a standoff with a man wielding a samurai sword. This man was naked as the day he was born, naturally.

The authorities were first called to the scene because the man was standing in front of a house with an assault rifle. Always cool to see that crazy people with guns is still a thing in 2013. While the police were on their way to the house, the man started to speed away.

A local ABC News affiliate has the rest of the story:

San Jose Police located the vehicle traveling near Southwest Expressway and Bascom Avenue and the man immediately came to a stop. The subject exited the vehicle naked and brandishing a large Samurai sword saying, "You're going to have to kill me" several times.

Police were able to take him into custody safely and confiscate his gun and his sword. Somewhere an NRA rep is thinking, "we need to give more naked people samurai swords to solve our naked samurai problem."

[Image via Nuno Monteiro/Shutterstock]