Sofía Vergara's softest body parts stuck to their resolution to not be confined to her clothing for 2013, as witnesses say the actress unintentionally flashed her breasts to a roomful of people in the midst of a nightclub fight on New Year's.

It's not exactly clear what transpired to move the boobs from behind Vergara's leather corset (where we'd expect to find them) out into the warm Miami night (where everyone was surprised to see them), but the basic gist is: a "brawl."

The most consistent story (based on the Post's eyewitness accounts), appears to be that Vergara's fiancé, Nick Loeb, objected to her posing for photos with her ex-boyfriend, prominent Miami nightclub owner Chris Paciello. Paciello was hosting the duo at a sexy South Beach party and, interesting fact, was convicted of murder in 1993.

The couple argued. Loeb got into a shoving match with someone (possibly Paciello) at another table. Vergara reportedly stepped in to break up the fight, and her dress was yanked down and ripped in the ensuing melee. Loeb was pulled away from the group (including Vergara) by security and tossed out the back door of the club. Vergara followed him and the two returned to their hotel for a snooze, another fun Miami night on the books.

Vergara's son, 20-year-old Manolo, who was present for the fight, reportedly left because he was "offended."

Brawl or no bra, Vergara doesn't appear to be holding the evening's disastrous turn against her fiancé. The actress tweeted a picture of herself licking his ear today at lunchtime.

[NY Post // Image via Getty]