MONROE, Louisiana—Avid Gawker reader and pie aficionado Mr. B.T. writes us today with news of a most provocative nature: his family's holiday table was graced this year by a decidedly untraditional pie—pie of the orange variety.

Orange pie, which was little more than a question in the mind of brave bloggers a couple of months ago, quickly became a controversial pop culture icon, and now, it seems, you can scarcely throw a rock in Gawker reader B.T.'s mother's house without hitting a real live, piping hot, edible orange pie. This bold gourmand of the bayou writes:

I wanted to tell you about the great orange pie that my mother made this Christmas [ed.: PICTURED ABOVE IN ALL ITS SCRUMPTIOUS GLORY].

She asked me what kind of pie I'd like and I told her about your story. She sent me to the store for oranges and however long it takes to make a pie later, our family enjoyed our first orange pie.

Thanks for the article and pointing out the injustice that is lack of orange pie. Here's a picture of it. (The meringue got a little over done.) The recipe is as simple as replacing orange juice for lemon juice in a lemon pie recipe. There is no reason we should go without orange pie.

Despite the fact that Monroe, Louisiana is not an orange-growing area, B.T. says of his mother's orange pie "It was much better than her lemon pie. I'd say a 9 [out of a possible 10] easy."

You heard it here first: orange pie. Get on board before that train leaves the station.

[Previously. Photo: Reader B.T.]