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Bronson Pelletier, known to Twihards the world over as Wolf Pack member Jared, was recently arrested at LAX for public intoxication after peeing on the floor inside one of the airport's terminals.

The Canadian actor insisted to TMZ that he had been falsely accused, saying "No peeing ... peeing did not happen."

Unfortunately for Pelletier, it's near impossible for a celebrity — even a Z-lister such as himself — to make a public appearance without at least one camera rolling in the background.

Therefore it was only a matter of time before footage of Pelletier taking a leak, um, leaked online.

TMZ reached out to Pelletier's rep for comment and was told the 26-year-old "realizes he has issues" and will seek treatment for an unspecified addiction.

Pelletier is due in court to face charges on January 17th.

[H/T: HyperVocal, video via YouTube]