What could be worse than a newspaper running an ad for a gun show next to an article on students from Sandy Hook Elementary School returning to school? Having that paper be one of the largest dailies in the county where the Sandy Hook shooting took place.

BuzzFeed confirmed with The Stamford Advocate that the egregious juxtaposition actually appeared in today's edition.

Hearst Connecticut Newspapers, which owns the Advocate, has yet to respond to a request from the Atlantic Wire for comment, but it clearly has some explaining to do.

UPDATE: Hearst Connecticut Media Group executive editor Barbara T. Roessner sent this comment to Jim Romenesko:

Our newspapers should not be running gun ads - including ads for antique and collectible gun shows - next to stories about Sandy Hook. It's insensitive, and it shouldn't have happened. It was an oversight, and we apologize for it. We have taken steps to make sure it doesn't happen again.

[image via @BekimUkperaj]