Living in Los Angeles often means feeling like you have to spend time defending your city from those who would call it a vapid wasteland of celebrity inanity and pathetic wastrels pretending to be glamorous. To those in the know, L.A. is an interesting and varied place from which a person can ski, surf, go see some world-class art, and then have an exquisite Mexican feast, all in the same day.

But then there are the parts of L.A. that are found in this video. This is a real collection of clips culled from Santa Ana's disastrous KDOC Los Angeles New Year's Eve broadcast, and, once again, L.A. appears to outsiders to be an indefensible trash heap of incompetent clowns.

Despite what it might look like from this footage—which stars Jamie Kennedy being flustered and unfunny, aged rappers dropping F-bombs on live TV with impunity, and a near catatonic Macy Gray—I promise that L.A. is better than this. These people just spoil it for the rest of us. I will try and pretend that this is one of Jamie Kennedy's elaborate pranks in order to make myself feel better, but I don't think it is. Happy new year, New York. We handed you this one on a silver platter.